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Virtual Exhibition for June 2017 - William Orpen


View the Virtual Exhibition for June 2017 - William Orpen here

Virtual Exhibition for June 2017 

The 16th (Irish) and 36th (Ulster) Divisions fought side-by-side at the Battle of Messines Ridge in June 1917. Irish artist William Orpen was one of the most prolific of the official war artists sent to the Western Front during WW1. He produced paintings and drawings of ordinary soldiers, generals, prisoners and landscapes transformed by massive artillery bombardment. The images in this exhibition have been reproduced with kind permission by The Imperial War Museum and Paul Holberton Publishing, London.

To find out more see Brotherhood Among Irishmen? and William Orpen’s War available from Libraries NI JSTOR Ireland Collection - a digital library of academic journals, books and other material. It includes the contents of over 70 journals of Irish interest from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. This fully searchable resource is only available from the Libraries NI network - click here to use JSTOR​​​​