Policies and Procedures

Libraries NI sets out the key policies and procedures guiding how it operates in accordance with good governance and best practice. Policies are developed and consulted upon to ensure that the organisation is operating robust policies in delivering services.

In this section you will find current policies and procedures, codes of practice and written protocols relating to service delivery and responsibilities.​​​


 Libraries NI Policies and Procedures


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Accounting Policies Libraries NI27 kb09/10/2013PDF Download - Accounting_Policies_Libraries_NI.pdf 27 KB
Anti Bribery Policy326 kb18/07/2017PDF Download - Anti-Bribery Policy.pdf 326 KB
Anti Fraud Policy207 kb08/07/2016PDF Download - Anti-Fraud Policy.pdf 207 KB
Application Security Policy223 kb14/03/2017PDF Download - Application Security Policy.pdf 223 KB
Board Operating Framework343 kb18/07/2017PDF Download - Board Operating Framework.pdf 343 KB
Byelaws (effective 1 April 2014)1056 kb31/03/2014PDF Download - Byelaws_(effective_1_April_2014).pdf 1056 KB
Capability Policy173 kb17/10/2017PDF Download - Capability Policy.pdf 173 KB
Career Break Policy164 kb17/10/2017PDF Download - Career Break Policy.pdf 164 KB
Children's and Young People's Services Policy343 kb07/03/2017PDF Download - Children's-and-Young-People's-Services-Policy.pdf 343 KB
Code of Conduct for Board Members417 kb18/07/2017PDF Download - Code of Conduct for Board Members.pdf 417 KB
Code of Conduct for Staff327 kb06/01/2017PDF Download - Code of Conduct for Staff.pdf 327 KB
Code of Courtesy for the Irish Language277 kb27/04/2015PDF Download - Code_of_Courtesy_for_the_Irish_Language.pdf 277 KB
Community Information Policy244 kb08/02/2016PDF Download - Community_Information_Policy.pdf 244 KB
Conflicts of Interest Policy362 kb21/03/2016PDF Download - Conflicts of Interest Policy.pdf 362 KB
Corporate Social Responsibility271 kb09/08/2016PDF Download - Corporate Social Responsibility.pdf 271 KB
Customer Feedback Policy326 kb09/02/2018PDF Download - Customer Feedback Policy.pdf 326 KB
Customer Feedback Form24 kb31/03/2014PDF Download - Customer_Feedback_Form.pdf 24 KB
Customer Feedback Form (Microsoft Word format)95 kb31/03/2014Word Download - Customer_Feedback_Form_(Microsoft_Word_format).doc 95 KB
Customer Feedback Procedures469 kb11/04/2016PDF Download - Customer_Feedback_Procedures.pdf 469 KB
Data Protection Policy168 kb18/03/2016PDF Download - Data-Protection-Policy.pdf 168 KB
Digitisation Policy211 kb20/03/2015PDF Download - Digitisation_Policy.pdf 211 KB
Disability Action Plan90 kb09/10/2013PDF Download - Disability_Action_Plan.pdf 90 KB
Discretions Policy on Pension478 kb20/05/2016PDF Download - Discretions Policy on Pension.pdf 478 KB
Engagement of Agency Workers Policy264 kb02/11/2016PDF Download - Engagement of Agency Workers Policy.pdf 264 KB
Engaging with Culture and Creativity Policy207 kb07/03/2017PDF Download - Engaging-with-Culture-and-Creativity-Policy.pdf 207 KB
Environmental Policy 2015166 kb16/07/2015PDF Download - Environmental Policy 2015.pdf 166 KB
Equality Scheme226 kb09/10/2013PDF Download - Equality_Scheme.pdf 226 KB
Equality Scheme Summary140 kb09/10/2013PDF Download - Equality_Scheme_Summary.pdf 140 KB
Filming Policy166 kb18/02/2016PDF Download - Filming-Policy.pdf 166 KB
Flexible Retirement Policy265 kb20/05/2016PDF Download - Flexible Retirement Policy.pdf 265 KB
Fraud Response Plan111 kb08/07/2016PDF Download - Fraud Response Plan.pdf 111 KB
Freedom of Information Policy105 kb18/03/2016PDF Download - Freedom-of-Information-Policy.pdf 105 KB
Gifts and Hospitality Guidance 2017617 kb19/12/2017PDF Download - Gifts and Hospitality Guidance 2017.pdf 617 KB
Gifts and Hospitality Policy 2017325 kb19/12/2017PDF Download - Gifts and Hospitality Policy 2017.pdf 325 KB
Guidance on Managing Conflicts of Interest 337 kb26/04/2017PDF Download - Guidance on Managing Conflicts of Interest .pdf 337 KB
Health and Safety Policy 2017473 kb18/07/2017PDF Download - Health and Safety Policy 2017.pdf 473 KB
Heritage Policy211 kb07/03/2017PDF Download - Heritage-Policy.pdf 211 KB
Information and Learning Services Policy211 kb06/09/2017PDF Download - Information and Learning Services Policy.pdf 211 KB
Information Technology Security Policy221 kb14/03/2017PDF Download - Information Technology Security Policy.pdf 221 KB
Internet Security Policy126 kb14/03/2017PDF Download - Internet Security Policy.pdf 126 KB
LibrariesNI Equal Opportunities Policy243 kb27/10/2016PDF Download - LibrariesNI Equal Opportunities Policy.pdf 243 KB
Library Computers and WI FI Access Conditions of Use For Adults revised March 2016238 kb28/07/2016PDF Download - Library Computers and WI-FI Access Conditions of Use For Adults revised March 2016.pdf 238 KB
Library Computers and WI FI Access Conditions of Use For Children revised March 2016150 kb28/07/2016PDF Download - Library Computers and WI-FI Access Conditions of Use For Children revised March 2016.pdf 150 KB
Library Computers Conditions of Use Policy144 kb28/07/2016PDF Download - Library Computers Conditions of Use  Policy.pdf 144 KB
Library Charges Poster 2016423 kb21/03/2016PDF Download - Library-Charges-Poster-2016.pdf 423 KB
Loan and Use of Heritage and Other Assets Policy168 kb15/12/2017PDF Download - Loan and Use of Heritage and Other Assets Policy.pdf 168 KB
Lone Working Policy237 kb27/10/2016PDF Download - Lone Working Policy.pdf 237 KB
Managing Attendance at Work Policy169 kb02/11/2016PDF Download - Managing Attendance at Work Policy.pdf 169 KB
Media Handling Policy165 kb20/03/2015PDF Download - Media_Handling_Policy.pdf 165 KB
Micrososft Windows Client Security Policy200 kb14/03/2017PDF Download - Micrososft Windows Client Security Policy.pdf 200 KB
Network Security Policy268 kb14/03/2017PDF Download - Network Security Policy.pdf 268 KB
Opening Hours Policy199 kb03/11/2015PDF Download - Opening Hours Policy.pdf 199 KB
Parental Leave Policy261 kb17/10/2017PDF Download - Parental Leave Policy.pdf 261 KB
Partnership Policy306 kb03/08/2016PDF Download - Partnership Policy.pdf 306 KB
Pension Policy for Staff who are members of NILGOSC207 kb20/05/2016PDF Download - Pension Policy for Staff who are members of NILGOSC.pdf 207 KB
Policy for use of Privately Owned Vehicles for Business Purposes173 kb09/02/2018PDF Download - Policy for use of Privately Owned Vehicles for Business Purposes.pdf 173 KB
Procedure for the Use of Closed Circuit Television214 kb27/10/2016PDF Download - Procedure for the Use of Closed Circuit Television.pdf 214 KB
Procurement Policy158 kb14/03/2017PDF Download - Procurement Policy.pdf 158 KB
Reading and Reader Development Policy366 kb14/12/2016PDF Download - Reading and Reader Development Policy.pdf 366 KB
Records Management Policy v 3183 kb26/09/2017PDF Download - Records Management Policy v 3.pdf 183 KB
Records Management Procedure v 2188 kb26/09/2017PDF Download - Records Management Procedure v 2.pdf 188 KB
Risk Management Strategy ARAC 09 06 2016116 kb23/06/2017PDF Download - Risk-Management-Strategy-ARAC-09-06-2016.pdf 116 KB
Room Hire Policy161 kb18/01/2017PDF Download - Room Hire Policy.pdf 161 KB
Safeguarding Policy367 kb14/04/2017PDF Download - Safeguarding Policy.pdf 367 KB
Server Security Policy269 kb15/03/2017PDF Download - Server Security Policy.pdf 269 KB
Smoke Free Workplace Policy238 kb14/04/2017PDF Download - Smoke Free Workplace Policy.pdf 238 KB
Social Media Policy267 kb13/09/2016PDF Download - Social_Media_Policy.pdf 267 KB
Sponsorship Policy169 kb18/10/2016PDF Download - Sponsorship Policy.pdf 169 KB
Staff Acceptable Use Policy261 kb05/12/2016PDF Download - Staff Acceptable Use Policy.pdf 261 KB
Stock Policy377 kb07/03/2017PDF Download - Stock-Policy.pdf 377 KB
Student Work Placement Policy160 kb08/08/2017PDF Download - Student Work Placement Policy.pdf 160 KB
Training Plan 2016 17207 kb10/05/2016PDF Download - Training Plan 2016-17.pdf 207 KB
Travel and Subsistence Policy324 kb08/01/2018PDF Download - Travel and Subsistence Policy.pdf 324 KB
Travelling and Subsistence Allowances Appendices19 kb09/10/2013PDF Download - Travelling_and_Subsistence_Allowances_Appendices.pdf 19 KB
Vehicle Management Policy176 kb20/05/2016PDF Download - Vehicle Management Policy.pdf 176 KB
Volunteer Policy95 kb17/10/2017PDF Download - Volunteer Policy.pdf 95 KB
Whistleblowing Policy335 kb15/07/2016PDF Download - Whistleblowing Policy.pdf 335 KB
Whistleblowing Raising a Concern90 kb25/02/2016PDF Download - Whistleblowing Raising a Concern.pdf 90 KB