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Important Customer Notice for Overdue Notifications from 1 December 2017

Please can you note the following:

1.    Email notifications continue to be an effective form of communication with customers. Libraries NI will continue to send the following email notifications:

a.    First email - before the return date

b.    Second email - 14 days after the date of return

c.    Third email - 28 days after the date of return

d.    Final email - 70 days after the date of return.

2.    For all new customers, email is now the default choice for overdue notifications. If you do not have an email address staff can help you to create an email account.

3.    SMS will be offered as an alternative form of communication. To reduce the costs of this service, only two SMS notifications will be sent.  A notification will be sent as a pre-alert two days before the item becomes overdue and, if required, a second message will be sent 28 days after the return date.

4.    Borrowers aged 16 – 17 and 18 – 59 who incur overdue charges and who are registered for postal notification will only receive one postal overdue at 28 days after the due date.

5.    All other categories of borrower who have registered for postal notification should receive one overdue notice at 42 days after the due date.

We are encouraging existing customers to change to email as this is an efficient, cost effective form of communication for Libraries NI. Email helps customers by letting them know about overdue books in advance and provides the most frequent reminders. By accessing the Libraries NI website customers can then renew their books before the overdue date. 

Make your life easier and support Libraries NI by changing to email. Ask staff members in your local branch.​​​