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Welcome to Libraries NI  

If you live, work or study in Northern Ireland you can join the library for free – just complete this form.


When you complete the form you will automatically become a virtual library member. This means you can borrow eBooks, eMagazines and Audiobooks, browse the online catalogue, register for updates and make use of the virtual services.


To take your membership one step further and become a full member just visit your local library and verify your details. To do this, you will need to show current proof of your name and address e.g. driving licence or household bill.


Children under 16 will also be asked for a guarantor’s signature and this is usually provided by a parent or guardian.


Please Note – if you are already a member of the library you can access eBooks, eMagazines and Audiobooks by using your membership number to download.

Some charges apply for other items and services such as requests for books - more information. ​​