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​160+ titles of the latest eMagazines to download and keep for FREE, and 3,000+ eNewspapers to browse through while online.

NOTE: You must have an internet connection while using the eNewspapers service so be careful about your data usage or switch to Wi-Fi data only if you wish. 


Users must be over 16.


If you already have a Libraries NI membership number go straight to step two.


Step one:


To make use of this great free service you need a Libraries NI membership number


Step two:


Create an eMagazines account


Step three:


Once your account is created you can browse the collection online or via the new RBdigital app, choose a magazine and click checkout


Step four:


To save your free eMagazine to your device download the RBdigital app –  
links to the app appear on the checkout screen.  Note that the user name and password
for the RBdigital app will be the same as what you used for creating your account in step two. 
All checked out eMagazines will automatically save to your RBdigital app.



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