Magherafelt Library to showcase exclusive Seamus Heaney exhibition ‘Nostalgia in the Afternoon’

Magherafelt Library to showcase exclusive Seamus Heaney exhibition ‘Nostalgia in the Afternoon’
Published 15 Feb 2023

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Magherafelt Library, working in partnership with Seamus Heaney HomePlace, is excited to announce an exhibition showcasing a collection of Seamus Heaney archived materials curated over more than four decades by Mr Pat Brennan

The bespoke exhibition, titled ‘Nostalgia in the Afternoon’ - From Gorgon to the New Yorker, will be on display from Wednesday 1 March until Tuesday 21 March in Magherafelt Library and includes a presentation of a range of magazines that Seamus Heaney contributed to from the earliest stages of his writing career, dating back to 1959.

From his days as a student at Queen’s University Belfast, Seamus Heaney contributed to a wide range of magazines and periodicals. Over the years the level of these contributions grew and were often used as a sounding board for early drafts of poems which were either kept ‘as is’ for collections, revised or indeed in some cases, never used again.

To close the exhibition and to mark World Poetry Day, Mr Pat Brennan (exhibition curator) will deliver a talk in the library from 6:00pm until 7:00pm on Tuesday 21 March, providing an opportunity to ask Pat directly about this fascinating collection.

Catherine Kane, District Officer for Libraries NI said:

“I am absolutely delighted that Magherafelt Library has been chosen as a location to display this treasured and carefully curated collection.  I am particularly pleased to have Pat Brennan delivering a talk at Magherafelt library on World Poetry Day.  I would encourage you all to come along and view this collection”

Magazines on display include The Observer Magazine, 19 July 2009, Fortnight, Sept. ’83, Fortnight, November 1995, The Linen Hall Review Autumn 1989, The Sunday Times Culture, 24 October 1999 and Irish Independent Weekend, 21 April 2001 and more.

The exhibition can be viewed in Magherafelt Library from Wednesday 1 March until Tuesday 21 March during library opening hours and is FREE of charge.  To reserve a place at Pat Brennan’s talk please telephone Magherafelt Library on 028 7963 2278 or email Magherafelt Library at