Mourne Heritage Talks

Mourne Heritage Talks
Published 03 Feb 2023

Note: These events have already taken place.


Walking in wildlife and mountain safety are just some of the subject areas covered in the Libraries NI Give It a Go programme of events during February.

Mourne Heritage Trust will provide three online information sessions to inspire people to enjoy, nurture and appreciate local landscape safely.

Mourne Heritage Trust: Staying Safe in the Mountains

Tuesday 21 February at 11:00am

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Staying Safe in the Mountains is a short presentation focusing on keeping yourself right and encouraging you to explore the natural landscape. Aaron Caldwell will cover some key equipment, skills and decision making. By the end of the presentation you should have a clearer understanding of what to do to stay safer in the Mountains and what to spend your money on!

Mourne Heritage Trust: Walking with Wildlife

Tuesday 28 February at 11:00am 

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Furry or feathered, scaly or smooth, Carole Reid will share stories of walking and working with wildlife in the Mournes. Find out how to meet the inhabitants and help preserve their habitats.

With examples of how Mourne Heritage Trust contributes to the wellbeing of the environment for all, Carole will explain how we can individually mitigate our impact on the habitats through which we tread, as well as maximise our opportunity for encounters with those whose home it is.

Mourne Heritage Trust Caring for Mourne