Don't Turn Around

Don't Turn Around by Jessica Barry

As well as bartending, Cait volunteers as a driver for Sisters of Service, a charity that offers advice, support and relocates women from domestic abuse situations. Her role as a driver is rewarding enough and the fact that she knows very little about her passengers suits Cait as she has her own demons and secrets that she wants to stay buried.

Then she picks up Rebecca from an affluent address and recognises her as the wife of Patrick McRae...he was currently running for election as the next congressman of Texas!

Not the “usual” type of woman that Cait is normally asked to transport. Her curiosity is piqued. Why on earth did Rebecca want to leave at midnight and drive to Albuquerque? It was over 300miles away and a five hour drive.

What followed was a fast-paced, psychological thriller that grabbed me and kept me enthralled right to the very end. I could feel the fear and the sheer desperation of the two women as they drove the vast, dark, country roads encountering undesirables at truck stops, road rage and a toe-curling car chase which culminated in a fight for their lives.

Submitted by Sharon