The Animals of Lockwood Manor

The Animals of Lockwood Manor by Jane Healy

The Animals at Lockwood Manor centres around Hetty, a young director at the Natural History Museum in London who is tasked with accompanying the museum’s mammal collection to the safety of Lockwood Manor for the duration of WWII.  

Once there she finds that not only the lord of the manor and his servants seem to be conspiring against her, but potentially supernatural forces are at work to harm her and her animals. The only person on her side is Lord Lockwood’s daughter Lucy, but she has problems of her own, following the recent deaths of her mother and grandmother. Despite her strangeness and attacks of “nerves” Hester finds herself drawn to Lucy, and the two develop an intimate friendship. 

I am not usually a fan of fiction set during WWII, but I did really enjoy this book. It is much more of a “big house” mystery, with the war just there as background noise. The house itself is a looming presence in the novel, giving a sense of claustrophobia and oppression. The book is fast-paced, exciting and quite creepy at times- definitely one to read in front of a roaring fire! 


Submitted by Natassia