The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley

The June 2021 read for Suffolk library Reading Group in June 2021 - The Authenticity Project is about a small green notebook, with the same name, left by Julian, a lonely but once famous artist in his local London café. He writes his truth in the book and challenges the finder to do the same – “Everyone lies about their lives. What would happen if you shared the truth instead?”

With this notebook and the little London café, 6 stranger’s lives connect. Julian the retired artist leaves the notebook, caring perfectionist Monica runs the café, Hazard the addict, tries to play matchmaker, Riley, the young Australian is befriended by the group,  Alice, exhausted social media mum; and neighbour Lizzy who ‘tinkers’ in the background to change things for those who have been helping her.

The book is a warm and enjoyable read with lovely characters. It is written in multiple character perspectives which adds to the feel of the book and development of each of the main characters. A few interesting twists and turns keeps you reading.

One of our readers said “I have just finished this feel good book - The Authenticity Project, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The way the six characters’ lives with all their problems were brought together by a little green notebook was brilliant”.

Submitted by Tinya