The Book of Unexplained Mysteries: On the trail of the Secret and Strange by William Pearson

I dipped into this book in anticipation of gaining some further insight into some significant historical and archaeological mysteries. Stimulated by various TV programmes ranging from explorations of the Rising Star Cave, Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, the Nasca Lines, the Marie Celeste, sinkholes and their underworlds are some of the enigmas covered in it. I did pick up some extra information and it did provide some answers not reported on in the TV programmes eg Conclusion to Flight 19 and the Bermuda Triangle.

The content of the book, to my surprise, stretched deeper though than these conundrums from the past. It touched on the mystery of time itself and the quantum world’s defiance of even the great Einstein. Other puzzles such as evolution feature and indeed fact is so often stranger than fiction. He gives quite a good, informed synopsis of some of the more recent technological developments in astronomy too. Definitely a title to engage the enquiring mind.

Submitted by Sheila

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