Those People by Louise Candlish

I enjoyed Our House by Louise Candlish so I was keen to read this book and I was not disappointed. It is described as a thriller, but it also offers the reader an insight into relationships between couples, families and neighbours.

And it is neighbourly relationships that are at the hub of the storyline. When an elderly neighbour dies, her undesirable nephew and his brash wife move into the up and coming neighbourhood. The tranquil, family friendly environs with its manicured gardens and swan swimming lake of blissfulness is turned upside down. What ensues brings out the worst in the residents of Lowland Way.

On the negative side, the characters were not very likeable. Usually I can identify, like or dislike a particular person but in this case there was no depth to the characters. I found them bland, flat and uncaring. Everyone loves a villain but unfortunately even the villains weren’t up to the mark.

The author has a good insight into technical, detective work and as the plot twists and turns the reader is surprised by outcomes; I thought I had guessed what was about to happen only to find the plot had taken an unexpected direction.

I give ‘Those People’ 6/10

Submitted by Mary