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May 04
Anything You Do Say by Gillian McAllister
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On the way home from a night out, you are pursued by a man who hassled you at the bar.  You attempt to evade him but when he catches up with you on some steps you push him away from you. He falls to the bottom and remains motionless. Except he’s not the man who harassed you, he’s a complete stranger. 

What would you do?  Tell the truth or knowing that the consequences are unlikely to be good, get the hell out of there?

This is the dilemma that Joanna faces.  She has scruples but the easy way out has always been her modus operandi. 

McAllister doesn’t choose one option over the other; she presents both in two alternative narratives.  Conceal:  in which Joanna calls emergency services and goes home, removing herself from the scene in the hope of just going on with life as if nothing had happened. Reveal:  in which she stays and faces the consequences.

The problem for Joanna, but the bonus for the reader, is that neither option is good for her.  Both narratives are tensely delivered, filled with tiny details that paint a very realistic but terrifying experience.

A must-read novel for fans of psychological thrillers

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Available as paperback and eBook






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