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May 04
The Photographer by Craig Robertson
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This is the seventh book in the Narey and Winter series.  If you’ve read the others you know you’re in for a treat, but if not don’t be deterred, it reads very well as a standalone.

Tony Winter works as a photojournalist for a Glasgow tabloid.  Rachel Narey is a detective inspector and the mother of his young daughter.  Narey is working a case against a local businessman for the violent rape of Leah Watts, but the case falls apart when a cache of voyeuristic photographs found on his property are ruled inadmissible evidence and as such are destroyed.

Narey is determined to bring Broome to justice, so when Winter receives a package containing copies of the photographs,  it seems like they are being handed the means to do so.  Predictably, it’s not quite that easy – Leah goes missing; internet trolls threaten their family and ‘The Photographer’ is still at large.

As a book set firmly in the present, it’s no surprise that social media and internet trolls play an integral part of the story, highlighting the very negative impact that anonymous vitriolic posters can have on the lives of the people they attack, while simultaneously giving cover to those capable of perpetrating actual physical harm.

This is not a one dimensional novel; contemporary ills, dysfunctional families, cyber-stalking are only some of the themes explored.  The tension is palpable and at times will make your skin crawl. Only those of you with government level internet security will subsequently be able to approach their online devices after reading this book without pausing to consider ‘what if…’

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