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July 10
War Widow by June Francis





Flora Cooke is struggling to raise her children alone, amidst the ruins of war-torn Liverpool. With her husband  Tom, away fighting in the Second World War, she has only her unreliable sister to help her and she has almost given up hope.  Disaster arrives at her doorstep and she is completely devastated when Tom is reported missing, presumed dead.

As the months pass and she struggles to come to terms with her loss, Flora meets  a handsome American soldier and is completely swept off her  feet .Alas, he cannot offer the stability that Flora and her family desperately need. And when another terrible tragedy strikes the family, Flora must decide what is really important .

Will Flora get a second chance at happiness???

I was completely drawn into Floras life within the first couple of pages of this book. This is an enjoyable , heart warming story , but also sad at times

The author keeps you in suspense as to how it will end.

A very enjoyable summer read!



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