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September 05
The Date by Louise Jensen

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Ali is persuaded by her friends to try out an online dating website.  What’s the worst that could happen?

Waking bruised, bloodied and with no memory of the previous night’s events seems pretty bad, but not being able to recognise your own face in the mirror was probably not even on the list. 

A diagnosis of prosopagnosia, a condition where facial recognition and memory is impaired, gives her the why but does nothing to help her remember or understand the events that led to her impairment and makes everyday life a living nightmare.  How do you know who to trust, when you can’t be sure you even know who they are?

It’s hard to even imagine how living with such a condition would affect you in normal life but the supposed violent attack adds another dimension.  Jensen describes both the medical and emotional impact of prosopagnosia with clarity and sensitivity but also harnesses its limitations to forcefully drive home an omnipresent tension, and it’s not long before it becomes clear that Ali’s fears are completely justified.

This is a book that starts slowly, even though the alarm bells start ringing as soon as 'blind date', 'online dating', and ‘it’ll be really good for you’ make an appearance.  It builds up pace quickly though, and you will be racing through the helpfully short chapters like a rat through a maze, hitting one blind alley after another, not unlike Ali.

If you’ve read Jensen’s other books you know what to expect and then some.

Submitted by Lorna

Available as paperback​


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