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December 20
And So It Begins by Rachel Abbott
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The beginning of ‘And So It Begins’ is an end of a sorts, introducing Sergeant Stephanie King, about to discover the bloodied bodies of Mark and his girlfriend Evie in their bed.  Mark North was a photographer, living a reclusive life after the accidental death of his wife (Mia) almost four years previously. 

But Evie is not dead and she is forthright in her admission that she killed Mark. 

And then there is Cleo.  Cleo is Mark’s sister.  She is fiercely protective of him, distrusting anyone who fails to afford him appropriate respect, or gets in the way of their close relationship.

The story is mainly revealed in two time lines: the first takes us back two years to when Evie met Mark as a prospective client, and follows their relationship which is liberally peppered with Cleo and her suspicions that Evie is not what she pretends to be.  The other main part is courtroom set as Evie stands trial, her defence self-defence.

The main characters are very well drawn, and while not tremendously likeable (as seems to be the general trend) it’s easy to understand their behaviour in the context of their motivation.  There’s no out and out trickery in the plotting either, while the story weaves in many directions, and you will probably change your mind a few times about what’s actually going on, the signposts are all there.

Where does anything begin? Is there a point in time that stands out as the catalyst to what eventually happens, or is it more a series of moments, small, perhaps insignificant moments that lend momentum, that predict an inevitable conclusion? Or is it all in the eye of the beholder?

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