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December 20
The Liar's Room by Simon Lelic
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The smaller the eye of the storm, the fiercer and more unpredictable! The storm eye here is a small room containing two people, one a therapist, the other a new client.  Most of the book takes place here, where the air is still and calm, but from the beginning there is a sense of atmospheric pressure changes, a sense of foreboding, a storm wall gathering.

Susanna is the therapist.  She has created a new life for herself and her daughter, her past is far behind her, her secrets buried.

Adam is her new client, but he knows more about her and her daughter than he should. He claims to be seeking help in dealing with violent thoughts, intentions to harm a girl, a girl whose photo he presents to Susanna – a photo of her daughter.

And so begins their conversation, an excavation of secrets and lies, a battle of words, a game of consequence.

This is quite unusual as a psychological thriller. The standard formats of unknown assailant, hidden threats, or cat and mouse chases are replaced with a face-off.  There is no escape hatch, no gallant rescuer or detached unravelling of a mystery.  There is also no need for lengthy character or scene descriptions, so there are no breathers for the reader.  You are in this with them, you won’t want to put down the book, but you will… just for a respite.

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