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February 04
You by Caroline Kepnes

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Originally published in 2014, You  has become very accessible due to Netflix Original series dramatization at the end of 2018. Caroline Kepnes is from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and this was her debut novel in 2014. You has been translated into nineteen languages, shortlisted for a CWA New Blood Award, and has now become a very much talked about book.


The story takes off when aspiring writer Guinevere Beck - just Beck to her friends,-strides in to the bookstore where Joe Goldberg works.  Joe is smitten; Beck is gorgeous, tough and razor-smart. Joe however is more than he appears.  He is a complete stalker and very quickly becomes obsessed with all things Beck.


Beck herself is no angel and would rather talk about writing than actually write, and she just loves to stir up a drama.  She is flighty, flaky, needy and self-centred. Joe fits the bill for Beck, as he is charming, erudite and extremely well read.


The novel is written in the second person narrative which allows the reader to gain insight into Joe’s mental state and thought processes, which functions as both a thrill and a nightmare. In fact it is so easy to like Joe, and be annoyed by Beck and her ridiculous behaviour. His knowledge of books is impressive, he is sensitive and intelligent. Wrong and wrong again. 


I found it an all-consuming read told in a fresh voice. You may not be for everyone, as Kepnes takes her readers by the hand in to a dark, delicious tale full of sharp psychological edges. Reading this novel will give you food for thought in this digital age.




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