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March 05
The Bone Keeper by Luca Veste

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Louise Henderson, the investigator at the heart of this novel, is a detective with secrets. She keeps some from her partner, DS Shipley. Soon, the detectives take up the case of a woman who escaped a deadly attack in the nearby woods—and who believes it was the work of the title character, a local legend who may be a murderer, a supernatural creature, or just an urban myth.

The woods are searched and it gives up other human remains indicating the Bone Keeper has been at work for a while.  What we get in the backstory too is the bone Keeper has some intrinsic connection with Henderson herself who is difficult to like and is a bit of a loner, married to her job

How these seemingly disparate elements connect—sometimes linearly, sometimes via well-made twists—leads the novel to its conclusion. Veste’s slow-burning approach works well, sustaining the sense of general wrongness that gives the narrative so much atmosphere.

In The Bone Keeper, Veste has taken a step towards horror, staying within thriller territory and generating a fast moving, gripping story which steadily unfolds and keeps you guessing all the way through to the end. It’s also chilling, spooky and engaging. In fact, the background narrative of is so compelling it feels like the urban myth is based on actual events.

The other excellent feature of The Bone Keeper is the underbelly of Liverpool. Luca Veste is well known for his ‘Scouse noir’ and this novel adds to that reputation.


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