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April 01
The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

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Alicia lives a ‘perfect’ life, a successful painter married to a successful photographer; they are the couple others aspire to be.  That is until Alicia shoots her husband five times in the face and just stops talking.  Despite the efforts of those around her, she remains silent throughout her trial and is eventually committed to a secure psychiatric unit.

Theo, a psychotherapist, is fascinated by Alicia’s silence.  He follows the drama surrounding Alicia and becomes convinced that he would be able to reach her, to bring forth the story that only she can tell.  When a position becomes available at the Grove Theo is successful and so begins the journey towards Alicia’s ‘salvation’.

While Alicia is the subject, the reader learns about her only through Theo’s conversations with those who knew her, the artwork Theo urges her to produce, and to a degree from her diaries.  Theo is the main narrator, seeking to develop a meaningful relationship with Alicia, painting a picture of this person who refuses or is unable to speak for herself.  

While this is undoubtedly a psychological thriller, with twists and turns galore, it is so much more.  The writing is immersive, the prose beautiful and the characterisations are fully realised. 

For crime readers, a plot reveal that they haven’t been able to figure out before the author presents it is often a measure of a good read, but this book is well worth your time either way.

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