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April 01
An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

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When Jessica signs up to be a subject in a psychology study, she thinks she’s found an easy way to make some money.  And at first, that’s exactly what happens. 

The sessions begin with questions based around morality: “Could you tell a lie without feeling guilt?” Questions that become more searching, more invasive to the point that Jess starts to wonder whether Dr Shields is asking questions she already knows the answers to. 

When the study moves into sessions where Jess is directed to perform a task, where her role is dictated and even what she wears decided for her, she becomes more and more paranoid, uncertain whether she will be better served severing all contact or going along with the ever more devious scenarios.

The story is told by both Jess and Dr Shields, their differing perspectives casting shadows and doubts into the reader’s mind.  Can either be trusted, what is going on, is it a case of manipulation or enablement, and just what is the end game?

There is an intensity running throughout the book that holds it firmly in the genre of thriller, but the thing that grips you tightest is the exploration of ethical behaviour and the pull to follow Jess down the rabbit hole wherever it takes her.  Whatever your own moral position the characters are compelling and the scenario, although not unique, intriguing.

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