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April 08
Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak

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It is nearly 13 years since Zusak's wonderful novel took the world by storm and this new novel in my opinion is a worthy successor.In a recent TV interview the author said he puts a part of his heart and soul into his writing and he definitely knows how to touch the hearts of his readers.

Zusak's style of writing is unique and it can take a while to fall into the rhythm, plus the narrative begins at the end and jumps forward and back and in-between with abandon but it is well worth the effort for a story which is funny, poignant and heart-wrenching.

Take 5 boys of various ages from early twenties down, trying to cope in a chaotic household without either parent but with some unusual animals including a donkey determined to be a house pet.

It is a rough and tumble existence and one day the father reappears asking for help to build a bridge on his dry outback land. Clay, the fourth brother takes up the challenge against fierce opposition from his brothers who feel their father abandoned them after their mother's death, and the love story of Michael and Penelope Dunbar is a strong theme in the book.

There are physical and emotional bridges to be built and Clay is a catalyst for change in all their lives.

A wonderful story of great loss, enduring love and redemption.

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