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July 01
In Safe Hands by J P Carter

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It’s summer and with only nine children in attendance the Peasbody Nursery in London is relatively quiet.  At least it was until three armed men locked the staff in a cupboard and abducted the children.

DCI Anna Tate takes charge of the investigation which is made more fraught by the discovery that one of the children has Cystic Fibrosis and requires medication that he doesn’t have.  Anna is a consummate professional but has an emotional connection to the case as she is still searching for her own daughter who was kidnapped by her ex-partner years ago.

The kidnappers are slow to make any demands but eventually get in touch online, making a demand for six million pounds for the safe return of the children.  The pressure is piled on when the demands increase by one million per day.

With few clues and a gut feeling that she is being lied to, Anna is only too well aware that every second counts and the longer the case continues the less likely it will conclude favourably.

While this is a police procedural, it delivers on the human side of things too, giving a voice to the mother of the little boy who is without his medication.  Anna is a likeable character, strong and independent, smart and determined and the only real chink in her armour is the impact of the loss of her own child. 

There’s plenty of tension but the real hard-hitting aspect is how real it all feels.  Whether you figure out the perpetrator or not, there’s much to enjoy in the execution and characterisation.  A page-turner with heart.

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