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October 02
The Second Sister by Claire Kendal


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Ella is the second sister, her older sister Miranda disappeared ten years ago and Ella has become fixated with discovering the how and why.

She is also somewhat obsessed with gaining custody of Miranda’s son, Luke, who was only a baby when she disappeared. Luke adores Ella and confides in her of his longing to know what happened to his mother, and she agrees to try to help him.

When she finds evidence that suggests that a convicted psychotic murderer may have known Miranda and may in fact be Luke’s father, Ella forges forward on a path of discovery that inevitably puts her in harm’s way.

This is a tense and exciting thriller, but its greatest strength is its depiction of a family consumed by loss, grief and uncertainty. Not knowing is a large part of the appeal for a thriller reader, but for the characters not knowing can be as painful, if not more so, than facing the facts behind their loss. For Ella and her family facing down their demons is driven by the desperate need to know what happened to Miranda; and a deep desire to know themselves.

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