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January 18
The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter
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Fans of Karin Slaughter can stop here, you already know you’re in for a great read, but for newbies this standalone novel is a powerful and welcome introduction to her extensive back catalogue. 

Slaughter is known for not pulling punches when delivering tales of violence, but this book takes that to new heights. There’s nothing gratuitous about the violence though, it’s part of the journey to understanding the motivations and characters of those involved.

Charlotte Quinn survived an attack on her family that left her mother dead. She escaped her attackers and then escaped her family and home to start a new life. Her sister was not so lucky.

Twenty-eight years later and Charlotte is a successful lawyer. But the nightmare begins again when she is the first witness at the scene of a shocking tragedy; and is forced to reconnect with her estranged father and sister stirring up memories of horrific events so long ago.

This is an exceptional thriller, blending extreme violence with the tenderness of family bonds, and the heart-breaking consequences that are endured by family members when one person puts their principles first. The sisters and their relationship are at the core of the book, but every character plays a completely necessary role in delivering a deeply layered, superbly plotted mystery.

Shocking but gripping must read.


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Available as a book and an eBook



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