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Sibling Rivalry


Daisy the Dinosaur Gets Lost
by Steve Smallman​

Daisy the Dinosaur Gets Lost by Steve Smallman 

Helps children to realise the consequences of
being bossy and mean to their sibling. Explains
sharing parent’s affections

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I Don’t Like Gloria!
by Kaye Umansky​

I don’t like Gloria by Kaye Umansky​ 

Gently explains that maybe a newcomer
to the family isn’t so bad after​

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by Sheryl Webster​​


Helps a young child to understand that sometimes
they can’t do the same as an older sibling​

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Happy Hector
by Polly Dunbar​​​

Happy Hector by Polly Dunbar​​ 

Hector is so happy sitting on Tilly's lap - until the
others all join in and spoil it. But Tilly knows just
how to show Hector how special he is to her 
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Share by
Anthea Simmons​​

​Share by Anthea Simmons 

Learning the benefits to share with a new
brother or sister, it’s not that bad after all​

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When Baby lost Bunny
by Julia Jarman​​​

When Baby lost Bunny by Julia Jarman​​​ 

 Reinforces the bond between siblings​​

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