Rub-a-Dub Hub

Big Red Bath by Julia Jarman

Some things to talk about​​​

  • What animals jumped into the bath?      

  • What order did they jump in?

  • What sounds would the animals make?

  • ​Does the little boy enjoy having a bath?

Some things to do

  • Find plastic animals to put into your bath  

  • Put the animals in order of size - smallest first, then biggest

  • Mix a little Fairy Liquid with some paint and use a straw to blow bubbles

  • Place a piece of paper on top to make a bubble picture

  • Play an animal snap game

Some things to learn

  • Imagination

  • Taking turns, winning and losing 

  • Sequencing

  • Book words — front cover, back cover, author, illustrators and illustrations     

Big Red Bath by Julia Jarman