Rub-a-Dub Hub

My Mum and Dad make me Laugh by Nick Sharratt

​Some things to talk about

  • Who likes stripes and who likes spots?

  • What can you see with spots?

  • What can you see with stripes?

  • What does the little boy like?  Look carefully at everything in his room

  • Do you prefer spots or stripes?

Some things to do

  • Look for things around the house that have spots and stripes       

  • Go on a visit to the zoo

  • Draw a picture of an elephant, add your own pattern and colours

  • Go to your local library and look at Elmer the elephant books, what pattern does he have?

Some things to learn

  • Patterns, e.g. check/paisley

  • Colours

  • Zoo animals

  • It’s ok the like different things​