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Jane McClenaghan

Good food has been a lifelong passion for Jane McClenaghan. She grew up in a family where growing, cooking and eating healthy food was part of the fabric of life.

Jane has been a Nutritional Therapist for over fifteen years and has helped thousands of people make easy, manageable changes to their diets​ for the good of their health.

As well as her busy clinic in Belfast she runs cookery classes and wellbeing workshops and specialises in developing workplace health programmes for companies across Ireland.

Jane believes that food should be celebrated and relished. Her philosophy of health and wellbeing is one of balance - simple, effective and practical changes that can fit into anyone’s lifestyle, to rejuvenate your motivation for eating well.

Jane is author of The Vital Nutrition Cookbook and recently was awarded the UK CAM (Complementary & Alternative Medicine) Award for outstanding practice – the first time this award has been given to someone from Northern Ireland.​ 

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