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Pregnancy: an infographic style
By Claire Plimmer

Pregnancy An Inffographic Style 

This pictorial guide will help you to get up to speed with essential facts from finding out what's going on inside a pregnant woman's body to understanding the various cravings she might experience, this book offers both women and men a quick route to knowing exactly what to expect while you're expecting.​


Pregnancy: The naked Truth
By Anya Hayes

Pregnancy: The Naked Truth 

Guides women through each stage of pregnancy in a practical and reassuring way. It deals with issues other books may avoid, and answers questions you'd want to ask your best friend.  Aimed at 'modern girls' - women who may be concerned about the effect of a baby on their lifestyle, bodies and careers, as well as excited about the next step in their lives. ​


Clean & Lean Pregnancy Guide
By James Duigan

Clean & Lean Pregnancy Guide 

Whether you want to boost your fertility, ensure your body is in the best possible shape before birth, or get it back afterwards, staying active and eating healthily is more important than ever. James Duigan's Clean & Lean philosophy has encouraged thousands to improve their diet and here he turns his attention to helping you achieve optimum health for you and your baby.​


The His and Hers guide to Pregnancy and Birth​
By Dean Beamont

 To This and Hers Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

In this book leading antenatal teachers offer a new way to prepare for birth from first finding out you are pregnant to the early weeks with your baby, you'll find practical advice, reassurance and guidance on how you can support each other and your growing baby. Divided into sections with targeted information for each parent, this guide will support you as individuals, giving you the confidence and knowledge you need. ​


 Blooming Delicious
By Sophie Wright

Blooming Delicious 

 This pregnancy cookbook, Sophie shares her favourite recipes for every stage, from pre-conception right through to early motherhood. With the help of top nutritional therapist Henrietta Norton, Sophie carefully selects and combines ingredients to nourish you and your baby at each crucial stage.​



Pregnancy: A Beginners Guide

Pregnancy: The Beginners Guide 

Being pregnant can feel like being in a foreign country- people use words you've never heard of, such as effacement, you have to visit new places, like birthing units, and you don't know what to wear or what's safe to eat. Pregnancy The Beginner's Guide has the answers with lists, Top 10 facts and a helpful translation guide for the new experiences and words you'll encounter. ​


My Pregnancy 2017
By Jo Girling​

My Pregnancy 2017

Fully updated to include changes to official guidelines and policies, this award-winning comprehensive pregnancy bible is with mum-to-be every step of the way, from coping with morning sickness to preparing for labour.​


Bump it up : the dynamic, flexible
exercise and healthy eating plan for
before, during and after pregnancy 
By Gregory Whyte

Bump It Up

Greg clears away the confusion and dispels the many myths surrounding exercise and pregnancy to offer invaluable guidance on how to exercise safely and eat healthily through each trimester and beyond. Describing pregnancy as a two-year journey, not merely one that lasts for nine months.


The Contented Pregnancy
By Gina Ford

This guide from Gina Ford and consultant obstetrician Dr. Charlotte Chaliha provides mothers-to-be with the practical, reassuring, and down-to-earth advice they need for a calm and contented pregnancy. It includes a month by month guide to the growth of your baby and your changing body; up-to-date guidance on nutrition, exercise, and health; advice on preparing your home and lifestyle for a new arrival; how to prepare yourself for labor and birth; and what to expect in the first few weeks with your baby.​


Your pregnancy nutrition guide :
what to eat when you're pregnant
By Henrietta Norton

Drawing on over a decade of work with mothers-to-be, expert nutritionist Henrietta Norton provides you with clear and practical advice on what to eat during preconception, pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood.