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June 05
The Trophy Child by Paula Daly


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Karen Bloom is a mother driven by a determination to ensure her daughter Bronte is a success. She obsesses over school work, music and dance and anything else that her daughter can partake in to demonstrate her talent and skill, and that will elevate her above other children, especially her son Ewan who continues to be a major disappointment.

When Bronte disappears, DS Joanna Aspinall has no shortage of suspects, from Bronte’s father, to Ewan’s friend, to Bronte’s step-sister. It seems almost everyone in the family circle has a skeleton in the closet, secrets to hide and grudges to incubate. Whether any of them is bitter enough to take it out on a child is the key to her investigation.

Bronte’s mother is easy to dislike but it appears that she genuinely wants the best for her daughter – she is the archetypical lioness, determined to arm and protect her child, but now completely unable to do anything for her.

This is a race-through-to-the-finish kind of book, the characters are interesting and believable although none seem like people you would want as friends, and the plot plays with the reader to the extent that while it’s not impossible to guess the conclusion you do start to doubt your ability to spot the perpetrator.


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