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Book cover of The Night House By Jo Nesbo

The Night House by Jo Nesbø

The Night House by Jo Nesbø is a twisted, multi-layered spin on the classic horror novel. The story revolves around fourteen-year-old Richard Elauved, who, after his parents’ tragic deaths in a house fire, is sent to live with his aunt and uncle in the remote town of Ballantyne. Richard becomes an outcast, and when a classmate named Tom goes missing, he claims that a telephone booth near the woods sucked Tom into the receiver. Only Karen, another outsider, believes him…

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Book cover of The Best Days Of Our Lives By Lucy Diamond

The Best Days of Our Lives by Lucy Diamond

The Best Days of Our Lives by Lucy Diamond is a heartwarming and poignant novel that unfolds over the course of one life-changing year.

The McKenzies are an average yet complicated family, bound together by in-jokes, arguments, and closely-guarded secrets. Thirty-something sisters Leni and Alice became inseparable after their parents’ divorce, with younger brother Will trying to keep up. But an ordinary summer day brings tragedy—an accident that changes the family forever. Guilt, questions, and buried secrets emerge, scattering the…

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