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Book cover of The Postcard By Anne Berest

The Postcard by Anne Berest

In this luminous and gripping novel, Anne Berest delves into family secrets, mother-daughter relationships, and the vibrant intellectual and artistic life of twentieth-century Paris. The Postcard is an auto-fictional tale that weaves together history, survival, and identity.

The story begins on a snowy Paris morning in 2003 when Léila, the protagonist’s mother, discovers a mysterious postcard in the mailbox. The postcard bears four names: Ephraim, Emma, Noémie, and Jacques - Léila’s grandfather, grandmother, aunt, and uncle—all of whom perished at…

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Book cover of The Wild Coast By Lin Anderson

The Wild Coast by Lin Anderson

In this gripping seventeenth instalment of the Rhona MacLeod series, The Wild Coast, forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod finds herself entangled in an inquiry that initially appears to be a straightforward missing person case. However, as the investigation unfolds, it reveals something far more sinister - a killer with a penchant for confinement, torture, and murder, along with a strange fascination for figures made of sticks.

As her investigation proceeds, Rhona is forced to reconsider her closest bonds. Rumours of sexual…

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