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How to Build a Boat by Elaine Feeney

How To Build A Boat by Elaine Feeney

How to Build a Boat by Elaine Feeney is a novel that navigates the choppy waters of human connection, grief, and the search for community. Feeney’s prose, like the rhythmic lapping of waves against a hull, draws readers into a world where secrets and shame simmer beneath the surface.

At the heart of the story is Jamie O’Neill, a singular young man in the fictional town of Emory, nestled in the west of Ireland. Jamie, a devoted reader of Edgar…

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A Tidy Ending by Joanna Cannon

A Tidy Ending by Joanna Cannon

Linda has lived in a quiet neighbourhood since fleeing the dark events of her childhood in Wales. Now she sits in her kitchen, wondering if this is all there is – pushing the vacuum around and cooking fish fingers for tea, a far cry from the glamorous lifestyle she sees in the glossy catalogues coming through the door for the house’s previous occupant, Rebecca.

Linda’s husband Terry isn’t perfect – he picks his teeth, tracks dirt through the house, and spends…

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