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Where Are We Now by Glenn Patterson

After a strategic down-sizing by his employers, middle aged Herbie finds himself unemployed, directionless and generally lost. His wife has left and cleared off with a ‘southerner’. His daughter has fled to London to seek work and to get away from Belfast (and him). The Belfast he was once so familiar with is no more. Times have changed and so must he if he is to survive.

He seeks solace at the local café which has just come under new…

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Elevation by Stephen King

Just to set things straight from the outset, this is definitely NOT a horror novel and unlike most of his previous books is quite short (a mere 144 pages), more of a novella really.

The story centres around Scott Carey, who lives in Castle Rock, Maine (the setting for quite a few of King’s other novels such as Needful Things and The Dead Zone). Scott has a problem. He’s suffering from a mysterious illness that’s causing him to lose weight…

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