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Rizzio by Denis Mina

Rizzio by Denise Mina

It's Saturday evening, 9 March 1566, and Mary, Queen of Scots, is six months pregnant. She's hosting a supper party. Outside, Edinburgh is bustling. It's full of the Great and the Good and the Idiot Sons of the Rich, here for a Parliament that will take Scotland by the shoulders and turn it from England to face Europe. Mary doesn't know that her Palace is surrounded - that, right now, an army of men is creeping upstairs to her chamber.…

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Miss Benson's Beetle by Rachel Joyce

Miss Benson's Beetle by Rachel Joyce

A beautiful book…I didn’t want to finish it.  It was fast paced and quirky. 

The story focuses on two women, Enid and Margery, one middle aged and frumpy and the other beautiful and uneducated - two complete opposites.

They are brought together in their unlikely quest to find a mythical beetle that may or may not exist. The story is full of adventure and humour that veers on the slapstick and if it was a movie would be like a…

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