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Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told by Sue Divin

Local author Sue Divin has landed back with another stunning YA tale spanning the generations and opposing cultures of the North of Ireland/ Northern Ireland.

Tara from Derry and Faith from Armagh meet at a Cross Community Residential weekend and are shocked when they meet, they look so alike that it is impossible that they not be related, but how? Faith’s parents are upright citizens with strong church connections, but Tara is the product of two generations of single mothers,…

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Lost Property

Lost Property by Helen Paris

Dot Watson appears to be very comfortable in her job at Transport for London’s Lost Property office. She values her work and handles each lost object with the care and deference it deserves as something which holds precious memories and important moments of a person’s life. And in many cases they are memories and moments which simply cannot be replaced.

When Mr Appleby comes in looking for a lost holdall, Dot takes it upon herself, despite the difficulties she has…

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