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Making It

Making it by Jay Blades

Jay was born Jason Willeslie Blades to his Barbados mother Barbara and the guy who was his father, known to Jay as TMWCTMB (The Man Who Contributed Towards My Birth).  He has one brother called Justin they both had a happy childhood but his mother and grandmother never showed them much love. Jay was almost 40 before his mother told him that she loved them

Jay enjoyed primary school, but at secondary school he got into a lot of trouble.…

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The Dark

The Dark by Emma Haughton

A gripping thriller set in the UN Research Station in Antarctica, this has all the elements of a classic whodunit; remote location with limited connection to the outside world, simmering tensions among a group of international strangers, a suspicious death and an unreliable narrator. With echoes of Agatha Christie, this makes compelling reading. Why does Kate see a fox staring at her in her dreams? What really happened to the doctor she replaced? Why is the Station Manager so hostile…

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