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Book cover of Under Ground by E S Thomson

Underground by E.S. Thomas

A plague is coming to London. Dreaded more than the Devil himself, cholera - the 'blue death' - spares no one. As fear grows across the city, Jem Flockhart and Will Quartermain are called to the bedside of a dead man, murdered, and with his throat torn out, in the back room of a brothel. When an innocent man is taken to Newgate, Jem and Will have until execution day to save him.

This is a meticulously researched historical crime fiction…

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Book cover of Killing Moon by Jo Nesbo

Killing Moon by Jo Nesbo

Killing Moon by Jo Nesbø is the thirteenth instalment in the Harry Hole series. In this gripping crime thriller, brilliant rogue police investigator Harry Hole returns. Two young women are missing, their only connection being that they attended the same party, hosted by a notorious businessman. When one of the women is found murdered, the police discover an unusual signature left by the killer, giving them reason to suspect he will strike again. They're facing a killer unlike any other,…

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