In Library Resources

In Library Resources

The following online resources are available to access for free on computers in branch libraries across Northern Ireland. Contact your local library for more information.

BFI Replay
BFI Replay is a free streaming service for public libraries with 1000s of digitised videos and television programmes from the collections of the BFI National Archive (British Film Institute) and UK regions and nations film archives, alongside contributions from other significant archives such as the BBC and ITV. Free access to BFI Replay in Northern Ireland is available through Libraries NI's network of libraries

Digital Hubs

Digital Hubs are now available in local libraries across Northern Ireland offering all members of the community the room and resources to access virtual meeting spaces.


JSTOR is a digital library and electronic archive of journal articles and books across many academic disciplines. The JSTOR Ireland collection includes the contents of journals of Irish interest from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Over seventy journals are available and books are now being added to the database.
It is a valuable resource for anyone doing research in any area of Irish Studies. Journal articles can be viewed in their entirety and can also be downloaded.

Access to Research

Access to Research provides free access to over 10 million academic articles. Articles include academic journals and conference proceedings with subjects spanning the arts, architecture, business, engineering, history, languages, politics, philosophy, mathematics and the sciences.

DIPPAM - Documenting Ireland: Parliament, People and Migration

DIPPAM is an online virtual archive of documents and sources relating to the history of Ireland and its migration experience from the 18th to late 20th centuries.
It consists of 3 databases: -
EPPI – Enhanced British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland, a great resource for those studying Irish history giving access to over 14,000 parliamentary papers about Ireland and Irish affairs from the period following the Act of Union (1801) to 1922.
IED – Irish Emigration Database contains over 33,000 documents related to historic Irish migration to North America from 1700-1950 including emigrant letters, newspaper articles, shipping advertisements and passenger lists. It is an important research resource for historians, teachers, students and genealogists with interests relating to historic Irish migration.
VMR – Voices of Migration and Return consists of life narrative interviews conducted with over 90 migrants and returnees from Ulster (9-counties) gathered during the course of two studies on contemporary migration. It provides material for those interested in migration studies either for academic or personal research.

BBC Rewind

Rewind is a web portal which contains more than 13,000 clips from BBC Northern Ireland news and current affairs programmes from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. It includes news reports, documentaries and lifestyle programmes, many reflecting the Troubles in Northern Ireland during that period. Rewind allows the public to search previously unavailable archive material.
It is an important academic resource but will also appeal to all those who wish to catch a glimpse of what life was like in Northern Ireland, as captured by BBC NI throughout these decades.
Rewind users can search through the clips by location, date or by subject, potentially unearthing stories from their own area, relating to their families or about their own subject of interest.
Rewind is available in partnership with BBC NI. Free access to BBC Rewind in Northern Ireland is available through Libraries NI's network of libraries

Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film Archive

The Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film Archive (DFA) is a viewable, searchable database of movies, photographs, and supplementary information spanning from 1897 to the present day. It can be accessed via the Northern Ireland Screen | Digital Film Archive.
This free public access resource currently has hundreds of hours of moving image titles primarily focused on Northern Irish society. The collection also documents pre-Partition Ireland and contains material of interest to wider UK and international audiences.
Within the archive there are newsreels, feature films, television dramas, sport, documentaries, animation, light entertainment and amateur footage. The archive will appeal to a variety of audiences including community and reminiscence groups, historical societies and schools.


ReachDeck is a web accessibility toolbar that supports people with impairments to navigate the internet independently. Many people do not have access to assistive technology due to the high costs. However, for those with their own devices such as smartphones there are ways to use built in accessibility features but many users find this difficult to set up for themselves or simply don't know about them. By adding an accessibility toolbar we provide our visitors with a better online experience.
ReachDeck supports people with visual impairments and hidden disabilities as well as those who lack basic digital skills and non-native speakers. This helps everyone to feel welcomed and included in our digital-first world and empowers every web visitor with an inclusive experience.
The toolbar is easy to use and can convert the text on websites into many other languages. The ReachDeck toolbar also has settings so that the visitor can configure levels of contrast, use the optional text magnifier and text to speech capabilities.