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August 29
No Middle Name - The Complete Collected Short Stories by Lee Child

No Middle Name

A different format from the usual Jack Reacher adventures, this book consists of a series of twelve separate stories, each from a different period of Reacher’s life and each providing us with some background to his character and development.

Second Son introduces us to 13-year -old Jack whose mother has been called to the bedside of her dying father in Paris. Newly arrived in Okinawa the Reacher brothers, Joe and Jack, encounter attempts at bullying while their father, Stan, has “lost” vitally important documents. Even as a young teenager Jack is able to stand up to the bullies in his usual unrepentant fashion and to solve the mystery of the missing papers.  He clearly has all the basic attributes of analysis and deduction that he will put to full use in his future career.

“The unwritten rule said the new detective got the worst job. Boring work, and likely fruitless.  But rules were rules.

Times two for a woman in a man's world.”

Everyone Talks is related by a young female cop whose first assignment is to interview a gunshot victim at the local hospital. This turns out to be an ex-military policeman named Jack Reacher. Unusually for the U.S.A he has no middle name, hence the title of this collection.

Jack relates his encounter with a thug collecting protection money from a bar. Adhering to his motto “get your retaliation in first” he extracts enough information from the thug to enable the rookie cop to arrest and charge him. 

However all is not as it seems. When she returns to the hospital the doctor denies treating a patient for gunshot wounds and Jack Reacher has disappeared. Returning to the police station she is greeted by cheers of approbation from her new workmates. Jack has had a thug taken off the streets and helped a policewoman on her first assignment. He has then disappeared - a common feature of his modus operandi - and left her to take the praise.

There are 10 more stories in this collection, each from a different period of Jack Reacher’s life.

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