Community artwork vanishes from Ormeau Road Library

Community artwork vanishes from Ormeau Road Library
Published 22 Nov 2023


Libraries NI has reported that a piece of public art has disappeared from the grounds of Ormeau Road Library. The sculpture, which has been an integral part of the library since its installation in 2011, was confirmed missing on Monday 20 November.

The sculpture, which was positioned prominently at the front of the library, was inspired by the enchanting 9th Century Irish poem known as the Blackbird of Belfast Lough. Its design was meticulously crafted by the talented artist Daniela Balmaverde, who sought to create a masterpiece that would celebrate diversity and new opportunities in the area of the lower Ormeau Road.

The absence of this remarkable artwork has left the local community in a state of bewilderment and Libraries NI, the organisation responsible for the library’s operations, is now reaching out to the public in a plea for information that may lead to the discovery of this invaluable piece.

Mary-Ellen Lynn, Area Manager with Libraries NI said:

“We are completely shocked at the sudden disappearance of our cherished sculpture. It is not just the loss of a physical object, but the loss of a symbol that represented the diverse communities residing in the area. The library feels incomplete without it.

“We would encourage anyone with information that may shed light on the whereabouts of the sculpture to come forward. Every detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could hold the key to its recovery.”
If you have any information about Ormeau Road Library’s missing sculpture, please contact the PSNI on 101.