Fascinating Facts About Guide Dogs! Begin Your Summer With Inspiration and Wagging Tails in Lisburn City Library.

Fascinating Facts About Guide Dogs! Begin Your Summer With Inspiration and Wagging Tails in Lisburn City Library.
Published 18 Jun 2024


Photograph of volunteer with guide dog in training
Come meet Leo at the Library! Local volunteer puppy raiser Geoffrey Mitchell with Guide Dog in training ‘Leo’ who will both be at the ‘Fascinating Facts About Guide Dogs’ event in Lisburn City Library on Tuesday 2 July 2024.

Lisburn City Library is hosting a Fascinating Facts About Guide Dogs event aimed at primary school aged children on Tuesday 2 July, from 11:00am to 12 noon. Lisburn City Library and Guide Dogs NI invites you to kick off the summer holidays with an engaging, fun experience that promises to be both educational and heartwarming.


Join us to meet a local guide dog owner and their amazing guide dog, as well as a delightful puppy in training accompanied by a local volunteer puppy raiser. This is your chance to learn about the remarkable journey of becoming a future life-changer and the profound impact these dogs have on the lives of those living with sight loss. For example, did you know that Guide Dog pups have special puppy classes too and they don’t get summer holidays?


Heather McConaghy, Libraries NI District Officer said;  “We are thrilled to welcome the guide dogs and their owners to Lisburn City Library. This unique opportunity will allow you to witness firsthand the remarkable skills and companionship these dogs offer.

“This event is a wonderful example of how we can raise awareness and understanding about the incredible work done by guide dogs and their trainers.”


Alison Irvine, Volunteering Coordinator for Guide Dogs in NI added;


“This is a great opportunity for us to give a little insight into the world of Guide Dogs and what it takes to raise and train a guide dog.  I will also share how an amazing community of volunteers in NI help with our work to help those living with sight loss live the life they choose. We need more volunteers in NI for various roles and I will be setting the children a challenge to help us to recruit more volunteers.  We are really looking forward to visiting the library.”


The event will also feature interactive activities, including a special Braille Challenge - inviting you to crack the secret code hidden around the library. There will be take home word searches and quizzes to continue the adventure.


This event is free to attend but booking is required, so secure your spot today by contacting the library on telephone 028 9266 9345 or by emailing lisburncity.library@librariesni.org.uk.


Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to meet the dogs, learn about a puppy's journey, and ask questions of staff, volunteers and a guide dog owner.