Libraries NI Nine Books Nine Week Challenge

Libraries NI Nine Books Nine Week Challenge!
Published 27 Jun 2024

Big Summer Read - Nine Books Nine Week ChallengeThis summer, Libraries NI is inviting primary school aged children across Northern Ireland to participate in an exciting reading challenge. Starting on Monday 1 July, we are encouraging children to read nine wonderful books over nine weeks. The goal is to spark their interest in reading, whether they choose short books of 20 pages or longer ones up to and over 100 pages. This challenge aims to keep children engaged and entertained during their summer downtime.

Maintaining a reading habit during the holiday period is crucial in helping to prevent a slide in literacy skills. By keeping children engaged in reading throughout July and August, we can help combat this trend.

Michael Lynn Libraries NI Service Development Manager said;

“We are looking forward to welcoming children and their families into branches over the coming summer months where they will find a wide selection of books to choose from. From thrilling adventures to heartwarming tales, there is something for every young reader.

“Children, parents, and carers can borrow up to nine books each time they visit, and our staff are always on-hand and ready to offer suggestions and guidance on what to read next.”

Don’t forget, having a free library card means that children can gain access not only to their local library’s collection of books and events, but also to the collections of all the other 95 libraries across Northern Ireland too. This flexibility allows for easy borrowing and returning of books, making it convenient for families spending their holidays closer to home.

Click here for more information on how to get involved and for fun activities and you can visit our events page to find out what all is happening in libraries this summer. Please keep an eye on our social media channels as well.