An Orphan's Journey

An Orphan's Journey by Rosie Goodwin

This book was dull and boring for the first half. Pearl and her sister Eliza are sent to the workhouse by their worthless mother, enduring a terrible time, though they do have some things much better than when they lived at home. They then get sent to Canada and get taken on by a kind rich woman. What bored me and does in any book of the same, is the overly descriptive style, where we read about every single little detail and many books could be shortened as a result. Also, it moved very slowly, day by day by day! 

Alas, it picked up and I became more interested and immersed in the story. I did like Pearl, though was not enamoured of Eliza or the way Pearl was always wanting the best for her even when her sister treated her with contempt and hatred. Pearl really needed to stand up to her and stop being a doormat where her feelings were concerned. 

I did not like the two untimely ends for certain people as they deserved a harsher punishment. I get that death is a punishment, but these people deserve to be shunned and left to live pitiful lives and they got off too easily. It was not a surprise about Eliza really as I had already guessed as much. 

It was nice that Pearl found success in the end, but my goodness, that ending was so abrupt. Nick just walks through the door, and they fall into each other's arms and the end. Nothing more, no aftermath of a wedding or baby or a happy settled life, just that! To me that was a massive let down. 

Overall, I did enjoy the book and it was an enjoyable read. Let down in parts, to be unable to give it full stars. 

Submitted by Stephanie