His and Hers

His and Hers by Alice Feeney

A fantastic book that had me gripped from the first pages to the last. Full of lots of interesting characters and a fantastic plot, with a shocking history that slowly unravels the more I read on. 

Women are being murdered in a quiet unassuming village and the lead detective and journalist on the case have a very detailed complicated history. I really liked them both, Jack, and Anna, and as the story develops you are naturally going to think that the killer is one of them, though I did not want it to be either of them and it would be hard to believe either could be guilty, it is a dissociative state of mind. 

I found Annas backstory and history with the victims very interesting and particularly that they kept its final reveal to nearer the end. At one point I was wracking my head trying to figure out who it was! 

A very compelling and shocking book with massive twists, turns and surprises, right until the end. I had already guessed at some of them, but still brilliant. 

Submitted by Stephanie