Miss Benson's Beetle

Miss Benson's Beetle by Rachel Joyce

A beautiful book…I didn’t want to finish it.  It was fast paced and quirky. 

The story focuses on two women, Enid and Margery, one middle aged and frumpy and the other beautiful and uneducated - two complete opposites.

They are brought together in their unlikely quest to find a mythical beetle that may or may not exist. The story is full of adventure and humour that veers on the slapstick and if it was a movie would be like a female version of Indiana Jones.

Their story is full of challenges, tragedy but the unusual bond that is created between these two women is uplifting and and wonderful and gives you faith in humanity.

This book made me laugh and cry in equal measure but is no lightweight, with the subjects that it is dealing with - regret, loss, failure, but you are always on their side at all times and you want Enid and Margery to conquer all that they are faced with because you love them as if they were your friends.

I truly loved this book. I still remember parts of the story that made me feel as though I was watching a movie, like when they were in the ‘house’ in the jungle and arrive with practically no roof and a large hole in the floor. Or when they have to find somewhere dry and safe to keep the samples that they bring back. The exoticness of the location with the practicableness of Margery’s attire and the unpractical clothes and attire of Enid, it just painted a picture that will stay with me forever.

Submitted by Julie