We Know You Remember

We Know You Remember by Tove Alsterdal

It’s been more than twenty years since Olof Hagström left home. Returning to his family’s house, he knows instantly that something is amiss. The front door key, hidden under a familiar stone, is still there. Inside, there’s a panicked dog, a terrible stench, water pooling on the floor. Upstairs in the shower, the father Olaf has not seen or spoken to in decades is dead.

For police detective Eira Sjödin, the investigation of this suspicious death resurrects long-forgotten nightmares. This Swedish crime novel is set in the country's remote, rural backwaters. It's filled with barren vistas, untamed forests, and characters that are as rugged and wild as the landscape they inhabit. The scene-setting and descriptive imagery are second to none.

There are a few cases running alongside each other in this story, so there is plenty of mystery and suspense as more and more secrets are revealed.

Scandi Noir at its best!