Grow in Confidence

Starting to Grow in Confidence

At this stage children are beginning to grow in confidence building up their awareness of stories and vocabulary, recognising key phrases and words consistently on the page. This is the beginning of understanding as to how a story grows and develops.

The Story Of Chocolate By Katie Daynes

The Story of Chocolate by Katie Daynes

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Albert And The Garden Of Doom By Phil Earle

Albert and the Garden of Doom by Phil Earle

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Emily Mouse's Birthday Party By Vivian French

Emily Mouse's Birthday Party by Vivian French and illustrated by Mark Marshall

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Too Many Nightingales By Sam Hay And Roger Simo

Too Many Nightingales by Sam Hay and Roger Simo

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Horrid Henry's Monster Movie By Francesca Simon

Horrid Henry's Monster Movie by Francesca Simon

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Mad Iris And The Bad School Report By Jeremy Strong

Mad Iris and the Bad School Report by Jeremy Strong

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