British Book Awards

British Book Awards

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Menopausing by Davinia McCall and Dr Naomi Potter

Everytime I see a short list of books for the many awards and prizes in the literary world I skim through them to see how many of the titles – if any – I have read and then promptly add the others to a wish list of titles to be read (TBR).

I am finding though that there are always some titles that don’t appeal and then I feel guilty that I should read them anyway. But life is too short to read something you don’t gel with. I still like to keep in touch with these lists though. Anyone else?

The British Book Awards were held in London on the 15th of May and when I looked through the titles of the shortlisted books and the winners I was surprised to see that out of them all Menopausing by Davina McCall with Dr Naomi Potter was voted the Overall Book of the Year.

I know that Davina McCall is a popular celebrity but I can’t attribute the award solely to her own personal fame. The topic of the book and the accessibility of the information and advice is obviously one which resonates with at least half the population – and the impact can be further reaching, through families and work places. It is good to see that there is an openness and appetite for understanding of something like this that is effectually a natural condition but can cause enormous lifestyle changes to some who are adversely affected by it.

This award is welcome evidence of the value of books to help to inform and comfort as well as in addressing subjects which were taboo in the not too distant past.

I was also pleased to see that two of the debuts I have mentioned in this blog over the past while have won awards. Bonnie Garmus (Lesson in Chemistry) won Author of the Year, at 64 she is one of the oldest debut authors giving hope to many would be writers who have passed their prime…

Trespasses by Louise Kennedy won the Debut Novel of the Year – a well-deserved accolade to add to the many other awards and nominations which this, her first novel, has attracted. Louise spent her childhood in and around Holywood, Co Down before her family relocated to Sligo, and she has based her novel in a thinly veiled version of Holywood giving those of us who remember it in the 70s, glimpses of familiar landmarks. If you haven’t read it yet – there is still time!

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Menopausing by Davina McCall on Libraries NI catalogue.



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