Merry Christmas - 22 December

Merry Christmas

Santa reading by the fire

As the Big day fast approaches why don’t you dedicate some time in midst of the busy preparations to share the magic of Christmas with the little ones in your life. Share stories and memories – things that will remain with them over the years. Read a special Christmas book, sing a carol, play games.

Check out the link for free resources from the Children section of our website

And maybe even get them to imagine what happens in the Library over Christmas – what do all the books do while the doors are closed for the holiday?

Here is a little poem to spark their imagination and maybe add to the magic of Christmas this year.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
(filled with stories, books and more books J)

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Santa reading by the fireIllustration by Gemma Dummigan Carrickfergus Library (staff)

The Night before Christmas - in LibraryLand

Every book was awake

To the jingle of bells

And the smell

of Christmas Cake

Waiting with hope

For the sleigh to return

Heavy footsteps,

then the smell of soap

He washes away the grime of the world at the end of a long, happy night                                                  

Of present leaving, shortbread eating, chimney sliding – such a sight!

Sitting in his favourite chair

In front of the warm hearth

He reads to them

their favourite tale

Of stables and stars

Of men who come from afar

Of angels and the gift to the world.

Returning to their shelves, contented and warm

The books rest a while in the hope that tomorrow they too

Could bring contentment and warmth to the listeners of their truth.

Spreading peace and goodwill their main end

Till the next and final chapter is penned



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