My favourite book, eBooks and eAudiobooks

My favourite book, eBooks and eAudiobooks

Libraries NI's Jillian holding a book

I don’t know about you but I love to see what other people are reading so if I’m ever on a train or a bus my attention is often taken up by trying to see the covers of any books being read. There is a certain amount of ‘book snobbery’ that goes on and if you ever ask anyone what their favourite book is they will think for a moment then say something like ‘War and Peace’ or ‘Jane Eyre’ rather than embarrass themselves by telling you they thoroughly enjoyed a bestselling romance or cosy crime title.

The popularity of eBooks has added an extra frustration on my part – it’s impossible to tell what anyone is reading! And I do find that it is harder to remember titles and authors of anything I read online – there is something about being able to see the physical cover of a book as it sits by the bed or enticingly on the office desk waiting for a snatched lunchtime read.

So for full disclosure I can tell you that my favourite book (at the moment) is Still Life by Sarah Winman – such a brilliant tale of post war London and Florence (Italy) with such engaging and vivid characters! I was so sad when it ended and in fact began to ration out the last few chapters when I realised it was coming to an end. It’s available from the Library in physical form so you may need to request it but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Online recently I have really enjoyed listening to What They Knew by Marion Todd- it’s a police procedural based in Scotland and narrated by the author – easy listening and available as an Audiobook as well as an eBook. I find the Audiobook great for the car on my commute – murder and mayhem is arguably a better way to start the day than the depressing reality of the morning news!


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