Living with Dementia in Northern Ireland

An important part of living with dementia is connecting with others and keeping active. Libraries can help with this both for the carer and for the person with the condition. Attending library activities that are open to all but specifically designed to cater for those who may be experiencing dementia can be beneficial. Studies have demonstrated that taking part in these activities can improve engagement and social interaction, as well as having a positive impact on other areas such as quality of life and cognitive abilities.

Studies have also shown that the acts of reading and writing have also been shown to stimulate the brain and preserve memory. These findings are backed up with anecdotal evidence from family members.

Books to help with Dementia

There are also several books available for those who are caring or providing support for someone with a diagnosis of dementia. These books provide helpful and supportive advice.

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“research shows that reading can be a great source of support and comfort to people living with dementia and those that care for them. It can also help lessen the effects of dementia."