Enniskillen Library Hosts Exhibition on American Forces in Fermanagh During WWII

Enniskillen Library Hosts Exhibition on American Forces in Fermanagh During WWII
Published 14 Jun 2024

Photograph of WW11 Exhibition items in Enniskillen Library

Enniskillen Library is delighted to announce the opening of a compelling new exhibition, ‘The American Forces in Fermanagh’, which explores the rich history of American military presence in Fermanagh during the Second World War. The exhibition is now open to the public and will run until the end of July during the library's regular opening hours.

This unique exhibition offers visitors a journey into the past, featuring an assortment of artifacts, including uniforms, personal items, and military equipment that belonged to American soldiers and a collection of compelling photographs capturing the essence of the era, the exhibition provides a rare glimpse into the lives of American soldiers stationed in Fermanagh.

“We are excited to share this important part of our local history with the public,” said Christine Aiken Libraries NI District Officer. “The exhibition not only showcases the presence of the American Forces who were stationed here but also highlights the significant impact they had on Fermanagh during those pivotal years. I encourage everyone to come in and visit the exhibition during library opening hours.”

The exhibition is designed to be informative and engaging for all ages, offering educational opportunities for students, historians, and anyone with an interest in World War II history.

Admission to the exhibition is free. For library opening hours please visit Enniskillen Library branch page for more information, please contact Enniskillen Library on telephone 028 6632 2886 or email enniskillen.library@librariesni.org.uk.