A Lie For a Lie

A Lie For a Lie by Julie Corbin

Absolutely loved this book and was gripped from the very first pages. It was a real page turner that I didn’t want to put down as I kept turning and turning the pages eager to find out what happened next. 

Private school nurse Anna has been accused of hitting a teenage pupil, Tori, who has had a troubled history since starting at the school and is prone to telling lies. She is also it seems a twisted and manipulative individual too. Anna swears she didn’t hit her, but the online trolls are making her a hated figure and are out for revenge. 

Annas daughter Isobel has had a troubled on off friendship with Tori and as she tells her mother, she hated the real person Tori was, that she blames her mum and I really disliked Isobel at this point as she made it all about her and how other would see her. She expected her mum to know about something that Isobel herself had told no one! 

Anna annoyed me at times too, she was always so quick to apologise to those who had wronged her and should have been begging for Annas forgiveness. Her daughter physically hurt her and behaves like a spoiled brat and her husband is constantly asking her if she had an affair, these people are her family, and they should be supporting her. 

As the story develops more surprises are unearthed and shocks come to the surface. Full of interesting characters and a fantastic conclusion. 

Submitted by Stephanie