Ask A Footballer by James Milner

Ask a Footballer offers its readers a fresh, modern, and fast paced approach to the classic 'autobiography'. As the title suggests, the novel is set up in a Question and Answer format; fans have asked and James Milner has answered. This format means it is a difficult book to get wrong, it offers its readers an insight into every aspect of an elite footballer's life and for a fan of the player or just of the game, whats not to love? Throughout the novel Milner dribbles past any potential controversy by refusing to mention certain names or provide damning details. Ask a Footballer is a safe book from one of Liverpool's safest squad members.

The bookis full of genuinely interesting details and funny anecdotes. It includes everything from descriptions of post-match smoothies, which are measured according to the exact number of minutes a player has been on the pitch, to recollections of a tense dressing room before that Champions League final when Klopp pulled down his waistband to reveal a pair of CR7 boxer shorts.

There are few voices that can speak with seventeen years worth of experience playing top flight football. The game itself, and everything that surrounds it, has changed drastically over the last two decades and this extensive timeline of Milner's career also serves to showcase the evolution of football as a whole. Milner's unique perspective means that he remembers the 'old school attitudes' of cleaning first-team players boots and little-to-no fitness analysis whilst also being able to comment on the current teething problems with VAR or the rise of nutrition and fitness micro-managing. Ask a Footballer is a light and enjoyable read. James Milner emerges as a likeable, hardworking, and determined man who has the privilege of doing what he loves for a living.

Submitted by Connie